Panch Tulsi Drops


Concentrated good health packed with the goodness of nature and sourced from five varieties of tulsi herb.

  • Acts as an anti oxidant 
  • Effective in cases of cough, cold ,diabetes and skin disease
  • An immunity booster for all age groups “A family product” 
  • No chemicals and additives 
  • Material Feature: 100% vegetarian
  • Free home delivery on buying 2 or more bottles
  • Dosage : Consume one drop of Tulsi Drop, 3-4times daily

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Panch Tulsi Drops

     What is Panch Tulsi Drops

Pancha Tulsi Drops is an amazing Ayurvedic medicine. A blend of five types of Tulsi leaf extract mixed in perfect proportion. The five types of Tulsis are

Drudriha Tulsi

Rama Tulsi

Shama Tulsi

Babi Tulsi

Tukshmiya Tulsi

The out of the world medicinal decoction is the solution to many health ailments and a step towards good health.

Tulsi plant is an aromatic herb native to India and it’s subcontinent. At present, it is also cultivated throughout Southeast Asian tropical areas for its miraculous healing properties. Tulsi is considered holy according to Hindu religious beliefs. In the Hindu traditional household, it is planted in the centre of the courtyard and worshipped as a deity.

The composition of Panch Tulsi Drops

Panch Tulsi Drop is 100% natural herbal mixture. The drop is completely sugar-free and vegetarian. Every 10 ml of Panch Tulsi Drop contains 9.5 ml Panch Tulsi extract. One drop of potion in a glass of water or tea  4 to 5 times a day will give maximum health benefit.

Who can consume Panch Tulsi Drops

         Anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy Panch Tulsi Drops is a blessing from nature to him. Make habit of taking  Panch Tulsi Drops for your children and see them grow with a sound body and mind.

Health and beauty benefits

  • Promotes intense cleaning
  • Combats cold and cough
  • Treats constipation and related problems
  • Boost Immunity
  • Regulates hypertension
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Reduces obesity

Combats fever

Panch Tulsi Drops act against Dengue  Malaria as a preventive measure. It brings down the temperature and boosts energy are a nerve tonic and also sharpen memory.

Fights cold and cough

Panch Tulsi Drops treats influenza. The decoction is the solution to cold and cough. It heals respiratory disorder. Provides instant relief to a sore throat. It is one of the main components of Ayurvedic cough syrups. Panch Tulsi Drops cleans catarrhal waste from bronchial tube.

Prevents Heart disease

Panch Tulsi Drops controls cholesterol levels in the blood. It prevents the cardiac attack and overcomes the weakness from heart problems.

 Boost Kidney function

Panch Tulsi Drops enhance the excretory system by boosting kidney function. Regular consumption for six months forces out the renal stone.

Relieves Stress

Panch Tulsi Drops controls stress levels. It is considered as anti-stress and strain agent.

 Heals mouth ulcer

Panch Tulsi Drops work effectively in healing infection and ulcer in the mouth. And improve oral health.

Soothe insect bite

Panch Tulsi Drops applied on affected parts of insect bite or stings get cured fast.

Relieves a headache

Panch Tulsi Drops mixed with sandalwood paste applied on the forehead reduce a headache.

Fights health ailments

Panch Tulsi Drops is an amazing remedy for the eyesore and night blindness. Regular consumption helps in chest congestion, asthma, and hypertension. It boosts Immunity power of the body. Panch Tulsi Drops is an amazing powerhouse of antiviral and antibacterial properties.

 Boost testosterone level

Panch Tulsi Drops increase testosterone levels significantly and fights impotency.

Protects stomach ulcer

Panch Tulsi Drops protects the breakdown of stomach cells by preventing acid-pepsin secretion. It also aids mucus in the stomach and prevents stomach ulcers.

Anti Carcinogenic

          Panch Tulsi Drops is preventive against skin cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, lungs cancer and oral cancer.

Boost bone strength

           Panch Tulsi Drops increase enzymes involved in bone structuring, bone calcification, and calcium reduces the healing time after fracture.

Reduce the incidence of cataract

Panch Tulsi Drops consumed regularly reduce the incidence of cataract as the elixir is rich in antioxidant enzymes.

 Prevents early greying of hair

      Panch Tulsi Drops prevents early greying of hair by increasing catalase, an enzyme that stops hair from greying.

 An abundant source of Vitamin K

         Panch Tulsi Drops is rich in Vitamin K an important fat-soluble vitamin. It helps in blood clotting, cellular health, brain function bone and heart health.

Uses of Panch Tulsi Drops

  • To cure stomach related problems consume one drop of Panch Tulsi Drop after lunch.
  • Mix one or two drops of Panch Tulsi Drops mixed with honey to your children suffering from a cough cold and loose motion.
  • Mix two to three drops of Panch Tulsi Drops with curd to fight cancer.
  • Panch Tulsi Drops is a reliable friend of all women. Regular consumption of four to five drops decreases vomiting and nausea in pregnancy.
  • In-ear flow or pain pour a drop of Panch Tulsi Drops in both ears.
  • For premature hair greying, dandruff and hair fall mix eight to ten drops of Panch Tulsi Drop with aloe hair oil and massage on scalp and forehead. Keep it all night and wash it in morning.
  • In cold and asthma intake Panch Tulsi Drops mixed with honey and ginger morning and evening.
  • In the cavity, tooth pain and bleeding gums gargle with lukewarm water adding four to five drops of Panch Tulsi Drops.
  • Consume one drop of Panch Tulsi Drops after a meal to fight bad breath.
  • Add eight to ten drops of Panch Tulsi Drops in body oil and apply on the body to prevent mosquito bite.

Every time taking bath add eight to ten drops of Panch Tulsi Drops for a healthy problem free radiant skin. It also prevents eczema and itching.